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              High Tensile Security Screen Mesh

              Top Quality SS 316 Security Screen Wire Mesh Window/Door

              Top Quality SS 316 Security Screen Wire Mesh Window/Door

              Maishi is a professional manufacturer of 316 marine grade black powder security screen in China

              Maishi is a professional manufacturer of 316 marine grade black powder security screen in China. The most welcomed width range from 750mm to 1500mm, with length from 2000mm to 3500mm. Other sheet sizes can be customized.

              Product Description

              Stainless steel security screen is made of 316 stainless steel wire, tolerance(+/-0.01mm), MAISHI can offer normal tensile mesh with 900Mpa (900N). The holes are square and the wires are very strong (not sliding), screen surface is flattened after we weave the wires to mesh screen. MAISHI use Akzo powder, which is the best powder in the world, with shiny surface, no fading, no pealing and stay fresh for many years.

              Black powder security screen wire mesh characters:

              1) Safe: Not easy to cut and break pass AS5039-2008

              2) Private live: No one can peep at room

              3) Beautiful: Gorgeous flat surface

              4) Durable: More than 10years Warranty pass AS2331.3.1-2001

              5) High tension,Equal aperture and dia

              6) Corrosion resistance,easy to install

              7) 10 years not to corrode,face or bubble

              8) Black color filter 60% of UV rays

              MAISHI security screens quality

              - Sheets are flat (no any wave on the surface)

              - Square and clear hole without burs

              - Exact hole size and wire thickness

              - No obvious tiger lines on the surface

              - No color difference on the surface

              - No sundries on the surface

              - No folded wires on edges

              - Tolerance of diagonal length is within +/-5mm

              - Edge cutted along one wire

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