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              Industrial News

              Is Security Screen Mesh A Green Environment?

              MAISHI Security screen mesh uses electrostatic spraying technology and uses safe materials throughout the process, which is harmless to the body.

              Summary of electrostatic spraying treatment Electrostatic spraying is a commonly used surface treatment method for metal products. The amount of plastic sprayed on electrostatic spraying is very uniform, there is no unevenness in thickness, and the plastic layer sprayed is very smooth and round. No dust accumulates on the surface, just wipe it with a rag if it is dirty.

              Accurate element content in materials

              MAISHi has a professional handheld XRF, used to check the accurate element content in the material to ensure you get the right 316 material.

              Key technology of screen

              Maishi has obtained the key technology of safety screen, our maximum tensile strength exceeds 960N.

              MAISHI Security Screen  Mesh is a world-class high-quality product that can help protect personal safety and privacy.

              From the above, we know that our Security screen mesh is from the perspective of environmental protection in terms of element content and manufacturing technology, which is harmless to the body. It is very popular in the market. The current sales volume is far ahead in China.

              Please contact us for more product information.

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