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              Why Choose Us ?

              MAISHI Security screen mesh are world-class quality products that help protect personal safety and privacy.

              Material Selection

              MAISHi has professional handheld XRF, ued for inspection the accurate element content in the material, insuring you will get the right 316 material.

              Quality Control

              From material perparation to container loading, MAISHI has precise quality control for every step of your whole order.

              Key Technology

              MAISHI has acquired key techonlogy of security screen mesh, our maxtensile strength is more than 960N.

              Popular Information

              Best Partner Of Mesh

              High Grade Anti-theft Security Screen Mesh

              High Grade Anti-theft Security Screen Mesh...

              High grade anti-theft security screen mesh is safety mesh for doors and windows Anti-impact, anti-theft, anti-mosquito, etc ......

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              Thief most hated high-end ...

              Thief most hated high-end ......

              We all want to have a safe living environment in life You can use Security screen mesh Can be used as doors and windows It is a new darling on the market ...

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              Is Security Screen Mesh A Green Environment?

              Is Security Screen Mesh A Green Environment?...

              MAISHI Security screen mesh uses electrostatic spraying technology and uses safe materials throughout the process, which is harmless to the body ...

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